Where people donate their skills to solve real world problems.

Deen Developers is a tech-for-good community of founders, techies and creatives coming together to collaborate, upskill, and make a change.

Our vision

Problems easily solved should not easily remain to exist.

Our vision is to create a passionate community of talent that collaborates and leverages technology to solve real-world problems.

We do this through building community, educating and upskilling, and building products that solve real-world problems. We are driven by our core values of responsibility, sacrifice, creativity, and impact.


Community is at the heart of everything we do.

Our community forms the base for all our goals, the agents of our impact, and the engine that drives all of our work. We know that just by connecting sincere change-minded people together, good things happen.

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Meet like-minded people. Connect with fellow members from under-represented backgrounds in business, startups, the corporate world + across big tech. We have a vibrant network from all kinds of companies including:

Fireside chats. Hear the stories + journeys behind some of our inspirational community members.

Panel talks + bootcamps. Learn how to break into tech, enhance your current skillset + level up your career.


Free food + networking
at every single event.

Come for the pure vibes, if you want to come for anything at all.


Building is the key. We believe in shipping real solutions for change.

Creating a great community is not enough. With the friendships we form, and the skills we have, we believe we can put our minds together towards tackling countless problems small and large, through creativity and tech.

Flagships 🚩

Each year we dedicate a huge amount of focus and resources toward a single problem. This year, we're partnering with National Waqf Fund -> who are seeking to revolutionise how monetary charity could operate for many generations to come.

Buildathons 🔥

Weekends for teams already tackling a problem. We give you time, space and resources, surrounding you with teams just like you over a few weekends driven by accountability + shipping.

Notice 📤

Our new platform Notice, connects orgs. -> people. Anyone can signup + reach out to the community and beyond if they are in need of help + support in creating an impact.


Developing our skills can help the world as much as our careers.

Helping one another in learning, developing, and growing is a strong driving force behind the good that we can do. It empowers us to do more, incentivising that giving-back mindset in a perfect feedback loop.

Hackathons 👩🏻‍💻

Get invaluable experience working in a time-pressured environment alongside a team tackling a real problem. Meet new people and learn new things.

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Backing founders 🚀

Our Forge-> programme backs under-represented founders with early-stage startup ideas, getting them access to world class mentors, funding, and networks.

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Join us now and make a difference.

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